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Our file on

Our online files Varia Asia and Indonesia:

. Catalogue 80

(in PDF format)           (in Word format)

. Catalogue 82

(in PDF format)           (in Word format)

. Catalogue 82A

(in PDF format)           (in Word format)

(used terms and abbreviations in the catalogues)

. Picture postcards

. Photo plates published by Kleynenberg & Co.

(Haarlem, 1912 - 1914)

. Other plates

. Videotapes          . Musical recordings

. Objects concerning the Dutch East Indies/Indonesia

Our online files Caribbean Area, Suriname,

and the Netherlands Antilles:

. Catalogue 81

(in PDF format)          (in Word format)

. Catalogue 73A

. Picture postcards

. Musical recordings

Special offers:

. Our file on

(brocante, engravings, and other objects)

. Stamp-collecting, banknotes and additional grammophone discs

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